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Working on my thesis film for my MFA program - To Live Forever, a modern adaptation of the Greek myth of Sybil who sleeps with Apollo in exchange for eternal life but learns that living forever isn't all she had hoped it would be.

I got fiscal sponsorship through Fractured Atlas - so all donations are tax deductible... and I am in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign!

CHECK IT OUT and for more info and stay tuned...


The short film I directed in PA, written and produced by Bryant Martin, has finished post-production and is getting screened at festivals - THE CHAIN THEATRE FESTIVAL in Long Island City... and next we hit NJ!


Many new developments with my documentary on female filmmakers - The Second Sex and the Seventh Art: Women Directors in Film. We got fiscal sponsorship with IFP! Check out the website and like our Facebook page

Still reviewing for Educational Media Reviews Online

Acting Highlights

Freelancing Commercially with David McDermott at JGD (Jordan, Gil & Dornbaum).

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